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How does the Newshosting VPN service work?

1. Create an Account With Us
The first step in beginning to use our VPN service is to create an account with us. Our VPN service is available as a standalone  account option or as an add-on option with our Usenet accounts, you can choose the option that best suits your needs. To create an account with us, please visit our Signup Page.

2. Install and Setup VPN Software
After you have created an VPN account or added the add-on option to your Usenet account, the next step is to install our VPN software that will help you get connected to our VPN servers.

Manual Setup for Other Devices
If you are not using a Windows PC or a Mac to connect to our VPN, you will need to use one of our manual configuration guides to setup our VPN to work on your device. Our manual guides include guides for:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Ubuntu
  • Routers

If you have any problems getting our VPN working or getting things set up, contact our support team and we can help.

3. Connect to Any of Our VPN Servers
After installing our VPN software, choose one of the servers in our server list an click connect - once connected, you will be assigned a new private anonymous IP address and all of your online traffic will be secure, private and encrypted.

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