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502 Max Connections Reached
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When your newsreader tries to open too many connections to the servers, this error will result. The error usually is not too serious. Just cancel the task you are trying to start and wait until one finishes. If you are disconnected from your ISP, or if your newsreader terminates improperly, the servers may need some time to recognize that the connection is no longer active.

We suggest quitting your newsreader now and relaunching it in about 10 minutes. If the problems are not resolved by then, please restart your computer and modem, then wait another 10 minutes before trying again.

Try to avoid switching networks while downloading to prevent this error from occurring in the future. Connecting or disconnecting from a VPN during a download session can trigger this.

Another cause is that the username is logged in elsewhere. If you cannot determine where that might be, it is strongly recommended you change your password on our website, wait two minutes, and reflect that change in your newsreader.

One more thing to note: some newsreaders (ex. Agent) allow you to set aside a specified number of connections so that you can continue to browse Usenet while you are downloading binary files. Please make sure that this number, when combined with your connection count, does not exceed the number of connections that your subscription allows.

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