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What is a VPN and what does it do?

What is a VPN?
A VPN or virtual private network is used to create a secure and encrypted connection between your internet enabled device, such as a laptop, desktop or iPad, and our private network of VPN servers all across the world. Our VPN servers in turn give you open access to the internet using a shared and anonymous (different than your actual IP address) IP address so that you you can browse and download online privately without your internet service provider or other third party being able to see your online activity. Because a connection to our VPN servers is encrypted, anyone trying to look in on your online traffic will see only scrambled useless data.

Using Usenet over our VPN is the best way to maintain total privacy and security as well as circumventing any download speed throttling of our standard Usenet ports via your ISP.

To start using our VPN, visit our signup page or activate the service as an add-on though your account control panel

Security and Privacy and Anonymity
Our VPN encrypts all data and internet traffic between your internet enabled device and our servers. This layer of encryption scrambles the information and activity coming from your device, giving you security and privacy protection from third parties trying to hack you or see what you are doing online.

Our VPN also offers excellent anonymity because when you connect to our VPN, you device gets assigned a new public shared IP address. When your device talks to the internet, the outside internet sees your device as coming from one of our IP addresses, not your actual IP address assigned to you by your ISP. In this way, only our IP address we give your device is visible and you cannot be traced back to your actual IP address, this gives our users a high level of anonymity. 

Changing Locations and Bypassing Geo-restrictions
Sometimes when you are trying to watch streaming content online or view other content from certain websites, you type in the web address only to discover that you are blocked from viewing the content based on where you are located. Our VPN allows you to bypass these kinds of geo-restrictions by allowing you to change your location by simply connecting to one  of our VPN servers in a different city or country around the globe. When you connect to one of our servers in another country or city, you will appear to the outside internet as though you are actually located in that country or city.

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