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Which server should I connect to?

Connecting for Privacy and Security
If you are connecting to our VPN servers to protect your privacy and security, you can connect to any one of our VPN servers around the world. All of our servers offer the same degree of privacy and security protection, assigning you a new shared anonymous IP address upon connection to our servers. For maximum security, we recommend that you connect using the OpenVPN protocol as it offers the strongest level of encryption, at 256bit AES.

Download Speed
If transfer speed is the most important factor to you while using our VPN, you should always connect to the server geographically closest to your actual location. This usually results in the best possible speed as the distance between your device and our servers is at a minimum.

Bypassing Geo-restrictions on Websites
Sometimes when visiting particular websites, those websites can block you and censor your access based on your location. To get around these blocks and avoid restrictions, you can change your location to give you access to a blocked site by connecting to any one or our servers in different cities and countries around around the world.

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